Window Contractors Cooper City FL

Window contractors Cooper City FL

Window installation services can help homeowners pick the right windows for their properties. These specialists can also provide custom window designs that complement home styles and meet energy efficiency goals.

They can install impact windows that offer enhanced protection against high-velocity winds, flying debris and forced entry attempts. These durable windows boost a home’s curb appeal and add value.

Impact Windows

In areas where hurricanes are a real threat, impact windows are not just a wise choice, but they may be required by your county’s building code. These windows are built to withstand high wind pressure and flying debris. They also reduce your homeowner’s insurance costs. They are made with a stronger frame and are available in casement, awning, double-hung and single-hung windows as well as sliding patio, terrace and pool doors. Loewen manufactures impact windows under the StormForce series that meet the International Residential Code, Florida Building and Coastal codes, as well as Miami-Dade requirements.

In addition to protecting your property from severe weather damage, these windows also enhance your home’s security by providing a strong barrier against intruders. Since most burglaries happen due to broken windows or doors, these windows are an excellent security investment for your family.

These heavy duty windows are not only cost-effective, but they can also help save on your energy costs. They are designed to keep cool air in during the summer and warm air during the few chilly winter nights Floridians experience. The laminated glass that these windows are made with also helps to reduce outside noise, creating a more peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in your home. Proper upkeep of your impact windows ensures that they retain their protective properties.

Casement Windows

Often seen in contemporary style homes, casement windows hinge at the side and open and shut with a turn of a handle. They provide a clear view of the outdoors, plus allow for ample ventilation. They are also available in versions without the dividers known as muntins, allowing for large unbroken panes of glass. Whether made from uPVC or aluminium, these windows require little maintenance, only needing a wipe down once in awhile.

Window contractors Cooper City FL offer various styles of Casement Windows to suit your home, including Energy Star options. These windows can help to reduce energy costs, lower carbon footprints and improve indoor air quality. The locking mechanisms in these windows can also protect against unwanted intruders.

Another benefit of Casement Windows is that they open a far greater distance than other window types, allowing for fresh breezes to funnel into the home on a windy day. The angled opening of these windows also means they are easier to clean on the outside than other window types, since they don’t need to be tilted or pushed back and forth like double hung windows do. They also offer the added bonus of preventing water from accumulating on the sill, helping to protect against mildew, mold and other issues.

Aluminum Exterior Storm Windows

The windows in your home play a crucial role in protecting your property from high-speed winds and debris. They also help reduce energy bills and maintain optimal indoor temperatures throughout the year. However, over time the window seals can become worn down or deteriorate due to extreme weather conditions and moisture exposure. When this occurs, it will cause air leaks, water infiltration, and drafts. Fortunately, window contractors Cooper City FL can help you repair or replace the damaged windows to protect your home from natural disasters and increase its energy efficiency.

There are several manufacturers of exterior storm windows that offer a huge variety in style, operability, and color options to fit your needs. Some are made with aluminum, others with vinyl. Many are screened to keep insects out. Some are even designed to allow you to switch out the glass panel for a screen during warmer months.

The glazing for exterior storm windows is typically either glass or acrylic. Acrylic is lighter and shatterproof, while glass provides improved visibility and meets Energy Star standards. Both types require regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them in good condition. Some may need to be repainted periodically and weep holes must be kept clear of dirt and debris. Installing these units can be a two-person job, and it is best done with extension ladders for second or third story homes.