Window Companies Near Me in Cooper City FL

When it comes to window replacement and installation in Cooper City, Florida homeowners have several options to choose from. Vinyl frames offer affordability and durability, while wood offers classic style and elegance.

Architectural impact windows provide a unique blend of design and strength. These are ideal for residents in High Velocity Hurricane Zones who want protection from high winds and flying debris.


Pella Windows and Doors is a good choice for homeowners considering a major window replacement project. Their website allows customers to browse different style offerings and schedule a free consultation with a representative.

The company offers multiple product lines, including Architect Series and Lifestyle Series wood frames, as well as numerous options for hardware, glass, screens, grills, shades, and smart home features. Each style can be configured to match a customer’s aesthetic preferences and budget.


Investing in new, more energy-efficient windows is an excellent way to lower your energy bills and add value to your home. Choosing an impact-rated window helps keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter, which means you’ll spend less on energy costs each month.

Consider energy-efficient options such as double or triple pane windows with argon gas-filled space. The window frames will reflect heat, keeping your house cool in the summer and warmer in the winter.


Madico is an industry-leading window film manufacturer. It has pioneered products with an unrivaled commitment to quality since 1903. Ask your local professional dealer for details on Madico’s manufacturer’s warranty.

Residential window film lowers air conditioning bills in summer and heating costs in winter. It protects furnishings from fading, reduces glare and provides privacy. Safety and security window films make glass shatter-resistant and deter crime by slowing smash and grab thieves.

Aluminum Exterior Storm Windows

With South Florida’s vulnerability to harsh weather conditions, homes need windows that are resilient and withstand high winds. Aluminum exterior storm windows provide an extra layer of protection against rain, debris, and wind while preventing air infiltration and energy loss.

Double hung windows feature two operable sashes that can be opened side-to-side to improve ventilation in your home. They’re a popular choice for rooms that require more airflow and offer an elegant look.

Architectural Impact Windows

If you live in a hurricane-prone region like Cooper City, impact windows and doors are a wise investment for your home. They offer superior protection against strong winds, flying debris, and forced entry attempts.

They also increase your safety and reduce the stress that comes with worrying about storms and natural disasters. In addition, they are nearly impossible to break, making them a deterrent against vandals and burglars.

Choosing the right impact windows for your home requires careful consideration of aesthetics and functionality. Consult with a design professional to ensure that your new windows integrate seamlessly with your overall architecture and décor.

Casement Windows

A top option for window replacement, casement windows swing open like doors and provide unobstructed views and superior ventilation. They can also be customized with different hardware, grille patterns, and finishes to complement your home’s design aesthetic.

They are also an excellent choice for homes located in HVHZ zones because they can withstand high winds, flying debris, and forced entry attempts. They can be made with frosted glass options to maintain privacy and security.

Bay Windows

Bay windows add dimension and flood rooms with natural light, elevating the curb appeal of homes in Cooper City. Low-E glass and argon gas-filled window options reflect heat, keeping home interiors cool, while helping reduce energy bills.

Composite frames are an excellent choice for homeowners situated along Dixie Hwy and 53rd St, as they offer a combination of durability and energy efficiency. Obscure and decorative windows also serve a dual purpose, adding aesthetic value while deterring prying eyes.

Frosted and Tinted Glass

Decorative window film allows privacy while providing a wide range of design options. Frosted and Lite Frost film series allow natural light to pass through while keeping prying eyes at bay.

Living in a hurricane-prone region requires reliable home protection solutions. Impact windows shield homes from high winds and flying debris, and help reduce insurance premiums.

Awning windows open like doors to provide ventilation in rooms. They can also be placed in scenic areas of the home to frame views of scenic backyards.

Obscure and Decorative Glass

Obscure glass is a great choice for bathrooms or rooms where privacy is needed, but natural light is still desired. It comes in frosted, patterned, and textured varieties, all with different levels of translucence.

Consider sandblasted or acid-etched glass for an elegant look that diffuses light. Patterned obscure glass uses raised patterns that can vary from simple geometric shapes to your own bespoke design.

Want to add a sense of winter wonder? Try glue chip glass, which mimics the effect of frost on a windowpane.